3 Acupressure Points To Control Appetite and Digestion

Does Thanksgiving mean the start of a BINGE season until the New Year’s Day when we get to write a new (or recycle) New Year’s Resolution? Here are three acupressure points to help control your appetite. There are more but I’ll keep it short for now. Use a fingertip, hooked thumb, or index finger joint to press these points for 60 seconds to 3 minutes. (Abbreviation and number in ( ) are for your reference if you like to research more about the specific point.)

Earlobe (TW 17)

Major appetite control point is situated just beneath and behind your earlobe. There is a spot right behind the area where the earlobe meets the skin. This area can be very tender. Use caution to press this point for 60 seconds to few minutes before eating can reduce appetite and hunger.

Upper Lip (GV 26)

Another major control point for appetite suppression is located between the upper lip and the nose in the center. To be exact it is one third of the way from the nose. Press or manipulate this area with a moderate pressure for 60 seconds to few minutes to decrease your appetite.

Elbow (LI 11)

When massaging your ears or face is not appropriate, you can press this point more discreetly. The outer elbow point is located at the end of the crease and helps to regulate intestinal activity and clear excess heat and moisture from the body. Bend your arms and press the outer end of the crease into your elbow. Press for about 60 seconds to few minutes

Bonus: Stimulate Thyroid area on your palm

Hand Reflexology Chart

Stimulate the Thyroid area on your palm to increase the metabolism to burn more calories. As you can see in the chart it is located at the base of your thumb. Massage this area with a strong intention to activate the Thyroid.

Good luck keeping your weight this holiday season!