3-in-1 Lotion Candle to Enhance Your Massage Experience

When you give a massage at home there are things you can do to enhance your massage experience. If you are looking for a combined quick solution I recommend checking out lotion candles that serve as a candle, source of aroma, and massage lotion.

I just got the new lotion candle. It usually comes with a plastic spoon to scoop out the lotion after it melts. I’m going to go ahead and light this.

One of the enhancements in massage is ambience. Candle light adds a soft warm glow to the room and it’s very relaxing.

While it’s burning it produces the aroma effect depending on the candles you get. The sense of smell is very strong and the aroma effect is a nice addition to the massage experience.

After about 10 minutes there is a nice pool of lotion. Use a spoon to scoop out the lotion. Emoliate between your hands and apply on the skin. It’s hot but not super hot to cause a burn. You can also pour straight from a can but it will be hotter and messy. The texture is on the heavier side compared to massage oil but light enough to give slow gliding strokes. Enjoy the aroma lotion all over the body.

When it’s cooled you can put the lid back on. This makes it nice and handy for travels.

So if you want the portable three in one solution just Google “lotion candle” and you’ll find ton of options. I’ll also include the link on Amazon below too. It can be a very nice gift too.

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11-9-15 3-in-1 Lotion Candle to Enhance Your Massage Experience http://bit.ly/mm-110915