3 Things I’m Doing Differently to Stay Sick Free – Massage Monday #490

I sincerely hope that you are staying healthy and safe right now.

I am fairly healthy throughout the year, but usually I get sick around mid to late January, but not this year. I have been sick-free this year so far. Knock on wood. Knock on the wood some more. This week I will share 3 things I’ve been doing differently this year that may be contributing to my stronger health.

First, I’m taking way more baths than before. Ever since I discovered the power of the duct tape to keep the water level high, I’m taking bath almost weekly. I used to take baths at home maybe handful times a year so this is a major increase. Taking a bath helps to raise the body’s core temperature which helps to boost the immune system. Now that I can’t go to Korean spas, I will be taking more baths at home.

Second, when I finish showing, I turn the water cold. Last year, I went to Wim Hof aka Iceman’s event and dipped in the ice bath. It was so freaking cold and I thought I was gonna die but supposedly when you take a cold shower it helps to boost the immune system by producing more white blood cells. I use the cold shower to rinse the condition off my hair because I heard it helps to tighten the scalp and it’s good for the hair quality. And I think I’m seeing less hair loss these days.

Third, I’m taking this Japanese supplement called Kyoleopin. It’s been around in Japan for 60 years. It’s a mixture of garlic extract, Vitamin B1, liver enzyme and biotin. This helps you to recover from fatigue and invigorate your body. I used to live with my grandma growing up and this is something that I used to watch her take every day. And she lived to 96.

The last time I was in Japan in December, one day I lost all my energy probably from exhaustion and I was taken to ER in an ambulance.

My father was in a hospital at that time and when I visited him later at the hospital, I saw his 88 year old sister, my auntie, who also takes this. She had heard of my ordeal and she gave me an opened bottle of this to try to get stronger. It’s a garlic extract so as you can imagine, it smells really bad.

The supplement comes with empty capsules and you make your capsule yourself each time. This is 1 milli litter. See how my 88 year old auntie does it with her bare eyes without shaking or anything and her hands look really good for her age. She exercises regularly and she takes trains to go play a game of Go or Igo. I hear she is a very strong Go player so her mind is very sharp.

I’ve been taking one daily ever since she gave me the bottle but recently I increased it to two because of what’s happening around the world. But the fact that both my 96-year old grandma and 88-year old auntie were taking this makes me want to continue taking this. Cheers to my grandma in heaven.

By the way, I was very hesitant to ask for an ambulance ride because it costs thousands of dollars in the US. But it turned out to be unnecessary worry because guess how much the ambulance ride was in Japan. 0 yen! Even for a foreigner like me. With one pack of 500 cc IV treatment for about an hour, the total bill came about to be about $153 cash because I don’t have Japanese insurance. If I had Japanese insurance, it would have been much cheaper.

Fellow Americans, this is an example of the well-run universal healthcare system unlike our broken horrible one that can bankrupt you with crazy expensive medical bills.

Anyways, I don’t know if it’s because of these 3 things that I’m doing differently this year that I haven’t gotten sick so far but it seems to be working so I will continue to do them to hopefully I’ll stay healthy during this pandemic.

Oh and forget the elbow bump as an alternative handshake. When you are advised to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, it doesn’t make sense to voluntarily transfer it onto my sleeve so I can consume it.

Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below. And please don’t forget to subscribe. Click on the bell so you will be notified when my video is up and out. And stay safe everyone.

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