3 Ways to Extend Massage Time (Massage Monday #498)

Hi everyone, I am Yasko and it’s time for Massage Monday. Last week, I showed you how to massage your mother’s shoulders. I hope some mothers got well-deserved massage at home. This week I will show you 3 ways to extend the shoulder massage time. In fact, you can extend any massage with these in mind.

The first way to extend the massage is to go slower. Of course, if you go slower, it takes more time. But as I mentioned, the benefit of going slower is that it feels deeper and more sincere to the receiver rather than rushing through the massage. Again, matching the breathing with the receiver is a nice way to slow down and press as you both exhale is the ultimate way to connect as their body relaxes. When you go with the flow of the breathing, you may find it very relaxing too and you may even go into the meditative state as my clients told me. It doesn’t surprise me at all because I go into meditative state all the time when I’m giving massage.

The second way to extend the massage time to divide into more sections. In the last video I said to pick 3 locations between the base of the neck and the shoulder bone. You can divide the same area into 5 sections, 7 sections, 10 sections, or even 100 sections. It’s ok to overlap as long as it’s not hurting the receiver or yourself. When you give a massage, it helps to define the target by sectioning the areas or by certain muscles so you don’t blindly just massage all over the place. Or worse, doing this with thumb circles. For a non-professional massages at home for your partner or family members, you don’t have to have all the anatomies and muscle names. Just know you massage muscles, not the bones. So avoid bones.

The third way to extend the massage time is to do more presses and trips on those divided sections. For example, in the previous video I did the shoulder press 3 trips on 3 locations which took about 40 seconds. If you do 5 trip on 5 locations, it takes about a minute and 40 seconds. So you just added a minute. And it should be easy to do because you are just using your body weight and you’re not depending on your fingers.

So these are 3 ways to extend the massage time with what you know. Slow down, divide into more sections, and do more presses and trips on those divided sections.

If you want to know more massage techniques, I have a free massage guide in the link here.

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