3 ways to massage your underarm/armpit

How many of you actually massage your underarm or armpit? I think it’s one of the neglected areasnext that rarely get touched. It’s good to keep this area loose especially if you are an athlete because tight underarm muscles can cause the limited range of motion of your shoulders and even shoulder pain. Here are 3 ways to massage your underarm/armpit:

1. Pinch and shake – Pinch and shake it back and forth as you go up and down the underarm.

2. Press with thumb – Press the underarm with your thumb as you bring the muscles with the other fingers. Go up and down.

3. Press and move the arm – If this hand gets tired, pinch the underarm and move your arm sideways, up and down, or rotate your shoulders. Go up and down.

When you pinch, instead of using the straight fingers, curl your fingers for more stability and protect your fingers.

If you didn’t find any tightness in this area, congratulations! If you found it tight next time ask your massage therapist if they can work on this area.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 2-25-13: 3 ways to massage your underarm http://youtu.be/4Mltii8IPF0

how to massage your underarm / armpit