4 Signs You May Be At A Wrong Massage Place

I’ve been to quite a few massage places. One time I accidentally walked into a wrong kind of massage place. I was talking to my client and my client also told me about her experience when she accidentally walked into a wrong massage place. This week I’ll share four signs that you may be at a wrong massage place from my experience and her experience.

Sign #1. Unfriendly receptionist – I had been to this Chinese foot massage place few years before and it was good and crowded. I happened to be in the area so I decided to get a quick massage. The place was very different and completely empty. Not even a receptionist was there. So I waited and I may have rang the bell. Eventually a Chinese lady came out and she was looking at me like what are you doing here? I told her I wanted a massage. She said the Chinese foot massage where they massage over the clothes wasn’t available but I could do an oil massage. So I decided to try it.

When my client walked into this massage place there wasn’t even a receptionist desk. There was another door with a small window. When she rang the bell this guy just peeked out from the window looking at her like what are you doing here? But she insisted on getting a massage and she got in.

So the first sign is that the receptionist is not very welcoming and look at you weird like you have no business here.

Sign #2. Teeny Tiny towel – This Chinese lady took me to upstairs to this massage room. There was a massage table with a fitted sheet with a teeny tiny towel on top. There was no top sheet, blanket or any bigger towel in the room. She told me to remove my clothes and cover myself with this tiny towel. The towel was barely big enough to cover my bottom but I did and lied face down on the table.

My client was led to the room with a massage table with full sheets but she said other rooms didn’t have any massage tables and she was wondering why.

So the second sign is there is something not right about the massage room setup.

Sign #3. What they wear – So I waited on the massage table and I heard this big clunk clunk coming up the wooden stairs into the room which also had a wooden floor. I could see through the face cradle that this girl was wearing this big tall stacked heel boots. She was also wearing a skimpy top and short short shorts.

When my client’s masseuse came into the room, she was wearing bikinis and that’s when my client realized she was at the wrong massage place.

So the third sign is they don’t look like massage therapists.

Sign #4. They don’t know what they’re doing – When my masseuse started massaging me she slathered the oil on my back and I could feel her fingernails. It’s no wonder because she had these bright red long fingernails like a dragon. I could also feel her long untied hair brushing my back and arm which is so unprofessional. Then she started massaging my spine with her bony forearm. You just don’t do that. I thought she was going to hurt me so I stopped the session in 5 minutes and got the hell out of there.

My client, on the other hand, made her masseuse massage her for a full hour. She said this poor girl’s bikinis were drenched in sweat. She probably didn’t know the right body mechanics and worked unnecessarily hard. I just hope that this girl wasn’t there against her will.

The fourth sign is they are not trained to give a professional massage.

BTW “masseuse” can imply a prostitute at a “massage parlor” as in this case. I like to be referred as a massage therapist and I work at a spa. If you happen to have similar stories like this or any other horror stories about massage I would love to hear!

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