5 Benefits of Visiting the Ocean (Massage Monday #566)

I have lived in Orange County in Southern California for 32 years but I haven’t really seen the area besides going to school and working. So I am venturing out and experiencing my backyard in different ways. Today I’m camping at Doheny State Beach. I’m going to tell you 5 benefits of visiting the ocean.

1. Negative Ions – Research shows that negative ions are beneficial for your mood by helping you produce pleasure hormone called serotonin. The negative ions are produced when the water crushes like from the waterfalls and crushing waves of the ocean and released into the air. So just by being by the ocean you will be bathing in the air full of negative ions.

2. Back to the root – Life is believed to come from the ocean and we come from water too. I learned that the amniotic fluid that we float before birth has very similar properties to the ocean water with some salt. I heard that that’s why dipping in the ocean instinctively relaxes us.

3. Sound Healing – The sound of ocean waves is known to calm down your brain. It’s a nature’s white noise which helps you to sleep, reduce anxiety, and cut down distractions. I very much enjoyed sleeping with the ocean wave sound in the background, although this campsite is located right next to the train track so sometimes it was noisy in the morning. But unlike Japan, public transportation here is very limited so it was mostly quiet.

4. Cleansing – I touch a lot of people and they all have different energies. When I feel like I picked up too much unwanted energies I take a bath with salt for cleansing purpose. Ocean water has lots of salt which is naturally antibacterial and good for inflammation and infections. When I had my ears pierced my ears had major infections. They were swollen and it was very painful. Then I went scuba diving and my ears were completely healed in no time. 

5. Grounding – Study shows that walking barefoot on the beach reduces anxiety and depressed feelings. It’s also a great time to ground yourself and reconnect with the earth. You can get some scrubbing from the sands too for smoother feet. Whenever you go to the beach I highly recommend ditching the sandals and walk barefoot as long as it’s safe to do so.

Enjoy more sound of the ocean.

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