8 Reasons to Take Peppermint Oil to Your Road Trip

I’m on my way to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West and I have my friend Oscar driving. We’re gonna be having a long drive today about 3-4 hours so this week I’m going to talk about the reasons why you should for your long trip or travel. There are so many benefits of peppermint oil in aromatherapy but I picked the ones that would help with your travel and road trips.

1. Anti-nausea. When you feel like you are getting sick from a ride, and it can be from a car ride, boat ride, plane ride, or attraction ride at the amusement parks, have a good sniff of the peppermint oil or put a drop on your temples or behind ears, or under nose and you will feel much better.

2. Reduces stomach aches and gas. Peppermint oil is known to alleviate digestive issues. When you have stomach ache or bloating put a drop in your water or drink a peppermint tea before or after the meal.

3. Freshens bad breath. When you want to be considerate for your passengers put a drop in your water and drink it or put it under your tongue and have a sip of water. I guess you can also put it under your nose so you cannot smell other people’s bad breath.

4. Relieves headaches, muscle aches, joint pain. Peppermint oil relaxes muscles so when you have any aches and pains apply topically on temples for your headache and where it hurts elsewhere.

5. Wakes you up. When you get drowsy during a long drive take a good sniff from the bottle or apply a drop under the nose or on your temples. It’s obviously working for Oscar. Whenever you have a peppermint oil it clears your mind and gives you a sharper mental focus. So I can still have my super monotonic voice and Oscar will still be awake.

6. Clears sinus and respiratory. Like Oscar is experiencing peppermint relaxes the nasal passage and respiratory system so you can breathe better. When I was creating this video I actually put the peppermint oil in the Kleenex and stick it up in my nose. Don’t do it because it’s too much. It’s strong right? It’s really strong but it clears your airway completely from nose down to your throat. As soon as I put it in my nose I started having runny nose like right away. I think the system was taking “what are you doing?!” And my nose was burning for a while. So don’t do it.

7. Sun burn and fever relief. Peppermint oil has cooling effect and reduces heat so it can be used to alleviate sun burn or fever from sickness. Apply where it hurts.

8. Bug repellent. Peppermint oil is a safer alternative to poisonous deets which is commonly found in bug repellent. Topically apply every so often because it does wear off. If the bug still gets you, you can still apply the oil as anti-itch for a bug bite. It also reduces itchiness from rashes and poison ivy.

So these are the benefits of peppermint oil. It’s pretty versatile so I highly recommend you take it on your road trip or just put it in your purse.

Another way to use the peppermint oil is to use the car diffuser. And there are so many car diffusers you can try if to make the environment very refreshing. I’ll put the Amazon link for those below.

Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t forget to subscribe.

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