Yasuko "Yasko" Kawamura

I'm Yasuko (pronounced "Yasko") Kawamura and I'm a National Board and California State Certified Massage Therapist based in Orange County, California.

Once upon a time, I wanted to massage my ex-boyfriend better because I was hurting my fingers and back trying to give a good massage. I looked for a massage class for non-professionals but I couldn't find it. So I took the 100-hour Swedish Massage Class at a local massage school. I loved it so much that I continued on with the 1,000-hour Holistic Health Practitioner program and became a Licensed Massage Therapist 12 years ago. Since then I have given more than 7,000 massages and taught hundreds of people mostly privately the tricks and easy techniques to give good massages without hurting themselves.

I work with couples to help them learn easy and effective massage techniques to promote physical connection and relaxation through Omoiyari (it means caring in Japanese) touch. It makes me happy to see the couples enjoy giving and receiving the new massage skills. It makes me very happy to hear that they are still massaging each other years after taking the class.

Using some computer skills that I used in my former life as a computer engineer I have created online video courses and published books on how to massage your partner, and regularly blog and post videos on YouTube. I hope you find those acupressure points on various health conditions and fat-reducing anti-aging face massage helpful.

- National Board Certified with NCBTMB
- California State Certified Massage Therapist
- Certified Holistic Health Practitioner