Acupressure Points for Gout

This week I’ll show you some acupressure points for Gout. Gout pain is caused by the crystallization of uric acid in the joints. These points will help activate the kidney and urinary bladder to help control the uric acid level.

湧泉 (K 1) – The first one is on the sole of the foot. It’s in the center of the foot where the color changes. This is called Kidney 1. You can press with your thumbs or step on a golf ball.

太谿 (K 3) – The next one is the depression between the inner ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. This is called Kidney 3.

昆侖 (UB 60) – The next one is the depression between the outer ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. So it’s on the other side of the Achilles tendon from the last point. This is called Urinary Bladder 60. You can hold these points together by pinching next to the Achilles tendon.

照海 (K 6) – There’s another one by the inner ankle bone. It’s the depression below the inner ankle bone. This is called Kidney 6.

三陰交 (SP 6) – The last one is located four finger widths up from the inner ankle bone. If you go up from the ankle bone you’ll feel a dip on the border of the shin bone and most likely it’s painful to press. This is called Spleen 6 or SP 6. Press these points with hooked thumbs on both sides, or overlapped thumbs with both hands on the shin. Gently bring the shin muscles to save your thumbs. Here’s overlapped thumbs with the hands wrapped around the leg. You can also raise your knee if that’s more comfortable. Repeat on the other side.

Press these points for one minute as you breathe deeply. Also as long as you don’t have a blood clot or varicose veins, massage the back of the lower leg on a regular basis especially if there’s a tight spot. This will help reduce the uric acid level. Whenever I massage this area I like using the rolling pin from the 99 cent store. Or lie down and use your own knee. Spend some time if you find a tight spot.

Massage Monday #309 – Acupressure Points for Gout