Acupressure for Irregular Period

Per viewer’s request this week I’m going to show you acupressure for irregular period to help make it more regular and normal.

SP 10: The first point is two thumbs or three finger width up from the upper inner corner of your patella or knee cap. It’s right above the depression by the knee when you firmly straighten your leg. Press these points on both sides with hooked thumbs or one side at a time with overlapped thumbs. When you press with overlapped thumbs anchor your hands around your thigh and gently spread open the back of the knee to save your thumbs. This point is called Spleen 10 also known as 血海 Sea of Blood or Ocean of Blood and it helps to regulate the amount of the blood flow.

SP 6: The next point is also on your leg. Four finger width up from the inner ankle bone. If you go up from the ankle bone you’ll feel a dip on the border of the shin bone and most likely it’s painful to press. This is called Spleen 6. Press these points with hooked thumbs on both sides, or overlapped thumbs with both hands on the shin. Gently bring the shin muscles to save your thumbs. Here’s overlapped thumbs with the hands wrapped around the leg. You can also raise your knee if that’s more comfortable. Find the position that works for you.

Four points on the sacrum: The next sets of points are on the sacrum. Sacrum is a triangular bone at the base of the spine. As you can see there are four holes for the nerves on each side. Feel these holes on your sacrum. It may be easier to bend forward to feel them. Each of these holes is the acupressure point. Unless you are very flexible and strong it’s hard to press these points with fingertips so once you learn the location you can press them with your knuckles while you are sitting in the chair.

Press these points as you breathe deeply for one minute once a day or twice a day.

10-26-15 Acupressure for Irregular Period