Acupressure and Massage to Lose Weight

I have had several requests for acupressure to lose weight. I wish I could share that one magic acupressure point that would help you and me lose weight overnight but there isn’t.

But there is a hope. You can tackle the aspects of losing weight. The simple formula to lose weight is to “eat less and exercise” which means to take in less calories and burn more calories.

In order to eat less you can watch the acupressure to control appetite. In the same video the acupressure for indigestion is also good to improve your metabolism so you can burn more calories. You can also watch the ear reflexology for diet for a different approach.

If your eating habit is coming from stress, try the acupressure to reduce stress and irritability.

If you have a constipation or want a better elimination try the acupressure for constipation.

If you want your face to look smaller try the anti-aging fat reducing facelift massage. If you want to get rid of double chin add this to you routine.

For your convenience, I put all these videos in a playlist called Acupressure and Massage to Lose Weight.

3-28-16 Acupressure and Massage to Lose Weight