Acupressure point to stop a sneeze

Sneezing isn’t bad. However, in a situation where you shouldn’t sneeze, you can press an acupressure point to stop it.

When you feel a sneeze is coming, press the area just below the nose into the upper gum with one or two fingers (see the pictures below) and hold as the sneeze magically disappears.

GV 26 acupressure point for hiccup sneeze

To be more technical, this acupressure point is called GV26 and located one third of the way down from the nose in the philtrum (cleft between the nose and upper lip). This point is also good for relieving hay fever, fainting, dizziness, reviving consciousness, lumbar and spinal pain, etc. This point is used for tapping in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

I hope you find this helpful. It took me five times to remember to press it before sneezing.

Now please excuse my Japanese… くしゃみを止めたい時には「カとちゃんぺ」です。上歯茎に向かって押してみてください☆