Acupressure Points for Anemia

This week per viewer’s request I’m going to show you 3 acupressure points for anemia. Press these points for one minute as you breathe deeply.

血海 (SP10) – Bend your knees. The first point is two thumbs or three finger width up from the upper inner corner of your patella or knee cap. This point is called Spleen 10. It’s right above the depression by the knee when you firmly straighten your leg. Press these points on both sides with hooked thumbs or one side at a time with overlapped thumbs. When you press with overlapped thumbs anchor your hands around your thigh and gently spread open the back of the knee to save your thumbs.

貧血霊 (GV2) – The second one is at the top of the gluteal fold which is a professional way of saying butt crack. This is called Governing Vessel 2 or GV2. If it’s too hard to press because it’s behind you, once you know the point, put the golf ball there and sit on it.

命門 (GV4) – The next one is on your back below L2 vertebrae which happens to be on the other side of your belly button. This is called Governing Vessel 4 or GV 4. Again this is behind you and it’s hard to press. Once you find the point, place your fingertip or knuckle or side of the knuckle and lean against it while you are sitting.

Massage Monday #331 – Acupressure Points for Anemia