Acupressure Points for ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Per viewer’s request this week I’m going to share acupressure points for ED or erectile dysfunction.

関元 Conception Vessel 4 (CV 4) – Find the belly button and go down four finger widths below the belly button. This is called Conception Vessel 4 or CV 4.

中極 Conception Vessel 3 (CV 3) – The next one is located a thumb width below the last point. So it’s four fingers and one thumb width below the belly button. This is called Conception Vessel 3 or CV 3.

大赫 Kidney 12 (KD 12) – The next one is half thumb width from the last point to the side. So it’s four fingers and a thumb below the belly button and half thumb to the side. This is called Kidney 12 or KD 12.

Press these points with your fingertips as you breathe deeply for one minute. I like to press them with middle fingers supported by index and ring fingers. You do not have to press them hard.

Now down to the leg.

三陰交 Spleen 6 (SP 6) – It’s located four finger width up from the inner ankle bone. If you go up from the ankle bone you’ll feel a dip on the border of the shin bone and most likely it’s painful to press. This is called Spleen 6 or SP 6. Press these points with hooked thumbs on both sides, or overlapped thumbs with both hands on the shin. Gently bring the shin muscles to save your thumbs. Here’s overlapped thumbs with the hands wrapped around the leg. You can also raise your knee if that’s more comfortable. Repeat on the other side.

Massage Monday #304 – Acupressure Points for ED