Acupressure Points for Fever

This week I got a bug. I have been using the Acupressure Points for Nasal Congestion, Acupressure Points for Sore Throat, and Acupressure Points for Cough. This week I’m going to show you the acupressure points for fever.

曲池 (LI 11)– Bend your elbow. It’s at the end of the crease on the outside. Press it with a hooked thumb. This is called Large Intestine 11 or LI 11. Switch hands and do it on the other side. Press these points as you breathe deeply for one minute.

十宣 (Fingertips)-The next ones are in the middle of each fingertips so there are ten of them. Press the fingertips of both hands against each other. Hold it for ten seconds. Rest for few seconds. Again press for ten seconds. And rest for few seconds. Repeat this ten times.

風池 (GB 20)-Find the depression in the center at the base of the skull. Move to the side and go over the big ropy muscle which is trapezius and there is a depression. These are called GB 20 or Gall Bladder 20. You can press or circle to stimulate these points using hooked thumbs, fingertips, overlapped fingertips, or with free thumbs by weaving fingers.

It’s even better to warm the neck with a neck wrap or steamed towel before you press these points.

I hope you’ll never have to use this.

Massage Monday #326 – Acupressure Points for Fever