Acupressure Points for Allergy Relief (Massage Monday #544)

The allergy season is here for some people so this week I’ll show you 3 acupressure points for an allergy relief. These are on your face to help relieve the nasal issues such as runny nose, stuffy nose and sneezes. Press these points for one minute as you breathe deeply.

印堂 (EM 2) – The first one is between the eye brow. This is called Extra Meridian 2 or EM 2. It’s also called third eye. This point helps to clear the sinus congestion as well as relieve a headache.

鼻通 (EM 7) – The second one is right above the nostrils on both sides where the curve begins. This is called Extra Meridian 7 or EM 7. Press slightly towards the center but you’re not pressing the nostrils to close the airway. It’s above the nostrils. You can also circle outward to stimulate these points. These points literally mean nose opening and they are good for runny nose, nose congestion and sneezes.

迎香 (LI 20) – The third one is Large Intestine 20 or LI 20. They are located next to the nostrils in the nasolabial lines. These will help with runny nose and congested nose.

Press this point if you have an urge to sneeze when it is NOT appropriate to sneeze like while giving a massage:

I hope this is helpful!

Massage Monday #544 Acupressure Points for Allergy Relief on Face