Acupressure Points for Ankle Sprain (Massage Monday #457)

This week I’m going to show you some acupressure points for ankle sprain. But first wait until the swelling is gone if the ankle is swollen by resting and icing.

崑崙 / BL 60 – The first one is in the depression between the outer ankle bone and Achilles tendon. This is called Bladder 60 or BL 60.

丘墟 / GB 40 – The next one is the depression below the outer ankle bone. Go down and forward a little and it’s outside of the tendon that shows when you turn up your foot on the pinky side. This is called Gallbladder 40 or GB 40.

解谿 / ST 41 – The next one is in the front center of the ankle. It’s between the two tendons that are prominent when you flex your ankle. This is called Stomach 41 or ST 41.

足臨泣 / GB 41 – The next one is on the top of the foot. Follow the valley between the 4th toe and pinky toe. It’s where the bones meet. This is called Ballbladder 41 or GB 41.

照海 / K 6 – The last one is in the depression below the inner ankle bone, one thumb width from the top of the inner ankle bone. This is called Kidney 6 or K 6.

Press these points for one minute as you breathe deeply.

I grew up in Japan playing tennis. One time I sprained my ankle and my mother took me to an acupuncturist. And the doctor saw my ankle swollen and he said “Oh let’s get the bad blood out” and he put a small incision on my pinky toe. I think it was right next to the outside edge of the pinky toenail.

And he squeezed the blood out. I don’t remember how he did it but after that, my ankle swelling was reduced and I was very impressed.

I don’t recommend cutting your own pinky toe yourself but maybe you can contact your acupuncturist and they can help too.

Massage Monday #457 Acupressure Points for Ankle Sprain