Acupressure points for cough

Acupressure points for cough

nasty cold when I attended a big seminar with 500 people for four days. I guess my body and mind couldn’t handle

This week I’m going to show you three acupressure points for coughing. I rarely get sick but I recently caught a all kinds of energy and the room was super cold too.

Conception Vessel 22 (CV 22) – The first one is between the clavicles right above the sternum or the breast bone. Press this point gently with your finger. And kind of curl your finger so you’re trying to press the back of the breast bone. You should feel something that’s stuck in your throat but not chocking. Do not press straight into your trachea because you’ll choking yourself. Press this point up to 1 minute or until your coughing sensation subsides or you feel your throat is opening up.

Lung 5 (LU 5) – The second point is on the elbow crease. When you slightly bend your elbow, you feel a big tendon in the middle. Right next to it is a big depression kind of right in the middle of your elbow crease on thumb side. That’s another point. Press this point with your thumb with the other fingers wrapped around the elbow for support. Press this point pretty deeply up to one minute as you breathe deeply. If you have a long finger nail, this will hurt so if that’s the case, use a tool such as the back of a pencil which is pointy with a soft tip at the end. Use that to press.

Lung 8 (LU 8) – The third point is on the inner wrist crease. Follow your thumb to the wrist and there is depression where you can feel your pulses. So that’s the point. Press this point for up to one minute as you breathe deeply. Besides alleviating coughing and sore throat, this point is also good for getting rid of phlegm.

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