Acupressure Points for Frozen Shoulder Pain

Per viewers’ requests this week I’m going to show six acupressure points for frozen shoulder pain.

Press these points for one minute as you breathe deeply with your fingertips or overlapped fingertips for more support or the corner of your cell phone.

Starting from the front.

LI 14 – The first point is on the arm. From the shoulder bone come down towards the elbow about 1/3 of the way. There is a depression at the edge of the deltoid. This is Large Intestine 14.

LI 15 and TH 14 (TW 14) – The second and third points are on the shoulder. Raise your shoulder to the side. There are two depressions on the top. The depression in the front is Large Intestine 15 and the depression in the back is Triple Heater 14 or Triple Warmer 14.

LU 2 – The next point is the depression by the shoulder bone and collar bone. Follow just below the collar bone or clavicle towards the shoulder and it’s where it ends. This is Lung 2.

GB 21 – The next point is on top of the shoulder. It’s the highest point on the trapezius. To be exact it’s half way between C7 which is the big bump on the spine and the shoulder bone. Do not press this point if you are pregnant. Cross your arm in the front to press the opposite side by bringing the arm down. I like using my cell phone on this point to save my fingers. You can also use TheraCane. I have a link for TheraCane below. You can also use lacrosse ball or tennis ball against the wall. Watch this video for more detail.

Now the backside.

SI 11 – The point is called Small Intestine 11 and it’s on the shoulder blade or scapula. To be exact it’s in a depression one third of the distance from the midpoint of the inferior border of the scapular spine to the inferior angle of the scapula. It’s basically right in the center of the shoulder blade.

It’s very hard to reach this point especially if you have the shoulder pain. So definitely use a tool such as lacrosse ball or tennis ball and press it against the wall. Put it in a sock so it doesn’t slip away. Or use TheraCane to press these points. It’s a good idea to have someone press this point for you so you know how it feels. I mean how uncomfortable and painful it feels before trying to press it yourself with a tool.

As the name suggests, frozen shoulder comes with coldness. So warm up the shoulder with heating pad or steam towel before you start pressing these points.

Happy Massaging!

12-7-15 Acupressure Points for Shoulder Pain