Acupressure Points for Hot Flashes 2 (Massage Monday #410)

Summer is over on the calendar but I know some ladies will have personal summer due to menopause. This week I’m going to show you some acupressure points for hot flashes.

The first two are on the hand and wrist to control sweats.

後谿 (SI 3) – The first one is by the pinky on your hand. Make a fist and it’s at the end of the prominent line that sticks out. This is called Small Intestine 3. This point helps to regulate body heat and sweating.

陰郄 (H 6) – The next one is by the wrist. Find the wrist crease and find the tendon on the pinky side. It’s half cun or half thumb width from the wrist crease so put the center line of your thumb right over the wrist crease and it’s where the bottom edge of the thumbs is next to the tendon on the inside. This is called Heart 6. This point is especially good for night sweats.

Repeat on the other side.

The next two are on the leg and foot to bring down the heat to the lower body.

血海 (SP 10 ) – Bend your knees. The first point is two thumbs or three finger width up from the upper inner corner of your patella or kneecap. It’s right above the depression by the knee when you firmly straighten your leg. Press these points on both sides with hooked thumbs or one side at a time with overlapped thumbs. When you press with overlapped thumbs anchor your hands around your thigh and gently spread open the back of the knee to save your thumbs. This point is called Spleen 10.

太衝 (LV 3) – The second one is at the end of the valley between the big toe and the second toe. You will feel a very distinct sensation. This is called Liver 3. You can press or make short strokes with your fingertips. If it’s hard to reach, use a tool such as back of the pencil with the eraser. You can also press with your heel. If your toe is flexible enough you can also press it with a hooked big toe.

Press these points for one minute.

There are many acupressure points for certain health conditions and one works better than the other. It’s something you won’t know unless you try it. I have done another set of acupressure points 6 years ago so if you haven’t seen that old video, I’ll put the link below so you can try them too. I hope you find the points that work for you.

Acupressure Points for Hot Flashes – Massage Monday #87

Massage Monday #410 – Acupressure for Hot Flashes 2