Acupressure Points for Immune System (Massage Monday #484)

Flu has been going around and I realized I haven’t done the acupressure points for immune system. Per viewer’s request, this week I will show you the acupressure points to strengthen the immune system. Of course, you can do other things to strengthen the immune system but as far as the acupressure points go press these for one minute.

兪府 (KD 27) – The first one is three fingers from the center under the clavicle or collar bone. There is a depression. This is called Kidney 27 or KD 27 or KI 27. Once you get the points you can press them on both sides at the same time with a thumb on one side and the other fingers on the other side or press with the fingers of your choice. I like using a middle finger supported by index and ring finger. You can press the same side of the finger or opposite side by crossing your hands. This point is also good for respiratory related issues such as asthma, coughs and chest tightness as well as fatigue.

曲池 (LI 11) – The next one is on the arm. Bend the elbow and it’s at the end of the crease on the outside. Use a hooked thumb to press. This is called Large Intestine 11 or LI 11. Once you get the points, you can press with the middle fingers on both sides.

足三里 (ST 36) – The last one is below the knee. This is called Stomach 36 or ST 36. Find the hollow space under the kneecap. It’s four finger widths below and one thumb from the shin bone on the outside. There is a distinct feeling. Press with a hooked thumb on one or both legs, overlapped thumbs, or with the heel of the other leg once you know the location.

Massage Monday #484 Acupressure Points for Immune System