Acupressure Points for Jet Lag

I am back in the US and I’m suffering from a major jet lag. I was wondering if there were acupressure points for a jet lag and there were, although these needed to be done during the travel as you get to the destination to help adjust your internal clock to the destination time zone. You may want to check this out if you are planning to travel far. It may be too late for me but I’m doing this to try to get my internal clock to normal.

There is a 24-hour internal clock called circadian clock. In Chinese medicine there are 12 meridians and the energyacupressure horary points based on Chinese meridians referred as qi or chi peaks in each meridian as it rotates every two hours throughout the day. The two-hour period when the energy is the highest in a certain meridian is called horary period and the acupressure point in the corresponding meridian is called horary point.

This is how you read the chart. Let’s say it’s 8am where you are and the energy is the highest in your Stomach meridian. Fast forward 6 hours and when it’s 2pm, the energy is the highest in your Small Intestine meridian.

In order to avoid the jet lag, start pressing the horary point that corresponds to the destination time as you start travelling. So when I left Japan at 1:30am, it was 9:30am in California and I should have stimulated Spleen 3. And stimulate Heart 8 two hours later, and stimulate Small Intestine 5 two hours later, and so on. This is how you can adjust your internal clock to the destination time zone. Here are the diagrams of the horary points:jet lag horary points

I know this is kind of complicated but to make your travel life easier, there’s an app called Jetlag Acupoints which tells you exactly when and how to stimulate these points.Jetlag Acupoints

I will definitely give this method a try the next time I travel far especially going eastbound because you suffer more jet lag going eastbound than going westbound.

9-7-15 Acupressure Points for Jet Lag