Acupressure Points for Motion Sickness and Nausea

It’s summer time and time for vacation for some people. Today I’m going to show two acupressure points on your wrists and fingers that are effective for motion sickness. These are also effective for morning sickness if you are pregnant. Even if you are not prone to motion sickness, if you travel in a group there’s more chance of getting someone sick from driving the windy road or boating or even flying. So know these points for those people to make your life easier because I guarantee cleaning up their mess is no fun.

P6 – The first one is on the wrist. Three finger widths from the wrist crease and between the two tendons. This point is called P6 or Pericardium 6. Press this with your thumb or hooked thumb while you wrap the wrist with the other fingers for a support until the nausea goes away. motion sickness acupressure band amazonIf you want to keep your hands free, there are many wrist band products available. I used to see only Sea Band but now I see more colorful ones too. You can make your own with a tight wrist band or scarf and a small stone. To enhance with the aroma effect drop peppermint essential oil to the wrist band. Do not put it on the skin directly because you may get a skin irritation. If one is not helping do on both wrists.

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TH1 (TW1) – The second one is on your ring finger. It’s at the base of your ring finger nail on the pinky side. When you follow the outside edge of your ring finger there is a depression. That’s the spot. This point is called Triple Heater 1 or Triple Warmer 1. Try on both hands and press the one that you feel more. This is an effective point for a sudden urge to vomit too. Press this until your nausea is gone.

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6-29-15 Acupressure points for motions sickness and nausea