Acupressure Points for Poo Emergency (Massage Monday #510)

After last week’s acupressure points for pee emergency, I received a request what about the emergency case for number 2? This week I’m going to show you the acupressure points for poo emergency to buy you some time.

It turns out, I already did a video for Acupressure for Diarrhea 4 years ago but I still wanted to make another video because I wanted to focus on the emergency case and I wanted to introduce another point that you can try.

Again, I’m NOT saying that you should hold it in if there’s an access to a bathroom. The urge to go #2 is a sign that your body is telling you there is a waste or even toxins that you need to get rid of. If you hold it in too long it can back up and clog your intestine resulting in a tear and your stool can leak into your abdominal cavity and you can die from it. So please do these only in case of emergency to buy you some time until you can get to the bathroom to save yourself from the embarrassment, and save the immediate environment.

Try these to calm down your urge to go #2 whether it’s a regular kind of urge or diarrhea kind of urge.

First take a deep breath and get out of the panicky mode. There are two points and they are both on the hand.

下痢点 Follow the valley between the middle finger and ring finger. It’s right before the bones of the middle finger and ring finger meet. Press it with your fingertip. I’m anchoring my thumb on the other side. Or a hooked thumb. This is literally called diarrhea point but it’s not on a major meridian.

And guess what, it’s right next to one of the emergency pee point. To review the emergency pee point, it was between pinky and ring finger in the web and in the valley. So if you have an urge to go #1 and #2 at the same time, you can press all of these.

Wait, can you have urge to go #1 and #2 at the same time? Personally, it’s been either or. I can’t remember a time when I wanted to go both at the same time, the time when I felt both were exploding. Anyway, now you know the emergency acupressure points for pee and poo.

魚際 (LU 10) The other one is by your thumb. It’s the midpoint of the thumb bone at the base of the thumb and on the line that changes color. This is called Lung 10 or LU 10. Press this point with a hooked thumb.

Press these points for 1 minute as you breathe deeply or until the urge is subsided. You can do it on your right hand or left hand or both.

As you all know, diarrhea can come from eating something that’s contaminated or something that doesn’t agree with your digestive system. Diarrhea can come from stress as well. If you tend to have this issue, watch this video on acupressure for diarrhea and I would carry Pepto or whatever that works for you when you go out because this Travel John won’t do anything for #2.

Again, just like acupressure points for pee emergency, it would be the best if you can practice at home so you can build confidence.

So I was editing this video and by chance, I had an opportunity to practice. I think I got cold from a direct A/C air from the back and fan air from the front in this skimpy dress. So I was placing my hot palm under my belly button and I was pressing both points at the same time. If your hands are hot like mine I recommend you do that too to warm up your belly. And for me the right side was more effective.

Massage Monday #510 Acupressure Points for Poo Emergency