Acupressure Points for Stress and Anxiety

This week I’m compelled to share acupressure points for stress and anxiety. When things are happening beyond your control you probably react with anxiety and stress. Hopefully these acupressure points will help you alleviate the emotional and physical stress and anxiety because your reactions are still something that you can control. Gently press these points for one minute as you breathe deeply.

Governing Vessel 20 (GV 20 百会) – The first one is on the top of the head. To find it, put your finger on top of each ear and go upward and where your fingers meet in the center. I like to press with a middle finger supported by an index and ring finger. This is called Governing Vessel 20 or GV 20. This point helps to ease the overthinking and irritability that can lead to stress and anxiety. This point is also good for insomnia.

Conception Vessel 17 (CV 17 膻中)– The second one is on your chest between the nipples in the center on the breast bone. This is called Conception Vessel 17 or CV 17. This point helps to open up the chest and breathe better because when you are stressed out, you tend to have short shallow breaths. This point also helps move the qi or energy in your body which may be stuck and not moving.

Heart 7 (H7 神門) – The last one is on your inner wrist crease next to the big tendon under the pinky. Start between the ring finger and pinky and go down. It’s where your finger stops in the depression. This is called Heart 7 or H 7. You can use any fingers but I like to use my thumb to press or stimulate this point.

As the name suggests, this point is good for calming the heart and emotional issues like anxiety as well as physical responses to anxiety such as heart palpitations. This point is also good for insomnia. Repeat on the other side.

You do not have to press these points hard. I also have other videos on stress and irritability and a rib massage to breathe better during stressful times. I will put the link below.

Massage Monday #592 Acupressure Points for Stress and Anxiety