Acupressure Points for Stress Eating (Massage Monday #581)

Holiday season is upon us. This week I will show you 3 acupressure points for stress eating. 

These points will help curve the urge to reach for food due to stress as well as alleviating stomach ache, indigestion and hangover after stress eating and drinking. Gently press these points as you breathe deeply for 3-5 seconds at a time several times a day but not when your stomach is very full.

Liver 14 (LV 14) 期門 – The first one is called Liver 14 or LV 14. They are located directly under the nipples and between the 6th and 7th rib. It’s about 3 fingers down from the sternum. You will feel a slight pain or distinct feeling when you press. You can press with your index fingers. Or I like to press with middle fingers supported by index and ring fingers. You can also bend forward a little bit to press these points. As the name suggests, these points are on the Liver meridian. Liver has hundreds of functions so send some love and thank the liver for all the hard work it’s doing for you. Remember these points for a hangover.

Conception Vessel 12 (CV 12) 中脘 – The second one is called Conception Vessel 12 or CV 12. It’s located between the belly button and below the sternum. This point is good for calming down the stress and alleviating the stress symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety and stress related digestive disorders such as stomachache and diarrhea.

Conception Vessel 4 (CV 4) 関元 – The last one is called Conception Vessel 4 or CV 4. It’s located 4 fingers below the belly button in the center. This point helps with lower abdominal issues such as constipation and bloating. This is also called Dantian which is the source of vitality. Send some power to this point to energize your body and mind and beat the stress.  

I am not recommending binge eating or drinking in any way but I know it’s hard to control sometimes. And I believe it’s good to know these points for yourself and your loved ones. I hope these will help you go through the holiday season joyfully and powerfully.

Massage Monday #581 Acupressure Points for Stress Eating