Acupressure Points for Hangover (Liver Function)

This week I’m going to show you some acupressure points for hangover, particularly for liver functions.

When you put in alcohol in your system your liver breaks down the alcohol into acetaldehyde which is more toxic than the alcohol itself. The liver continues to work hard to break down the acetaldehyde into non-toxic acetate by releasing enzymes. When you put in more alcohol than liver can keep up with the production of the enzyme called glutathione you have too much accumulation of toxic acetaldehyde and you have the symptoms of hangover such as headache and nausea. So these acupressure points will help with the liver functions.

期門 Liver 14 (LV 14) – Before you even start drinking press this point called Liver 14. It’s located where the nipple line meets the edge of the rib. There are points on both sides but just press the right side. I like to use my middle finger supported by the index and ring fingers and bend forward a little bit. Pressing this point before you start drinking may prevent you from getting drunk badly. Press this point again when you have a hangover.

太衝 Liver 3 (LV 3) – The second one is called Liver 3. It’s at the end of the valley between the big toe and the second toe. You will feel a very distinct sensation. You can press or make short strokes with your fingertips. If it’s hard to reach, use a tool such as back of the pencil with the eraser. You can also press with your heel. If your toe is flexible enough you can also press it with a hooked big toe.

健理三針区 – The next one is on the palm below the center towards the wrist. Massage this area with a hooked thumb. If you have a long fingernail use the finger joint. There is no acupressure point name. On the reflexology chart this is intestine area but it’s known to break down the acetaldehyde.

魚際 Lung 10 (LU 10) – The last one is called Lung 10. It’s located in the middle of the bone between the base of the thumb and the wrist and on the line that changes color. Again press this point with a hooked thumb or the tip of your thumb if you have a long fingernail.

Stimulate these points by pressing or massaging for one minute as you breathe deeply. The points on the hands are used in Japan but it’s worth a try if you are a human.

Back when I was in the anatomy class we learned that the liver has more than 200 functions. Now I read that the liver has more than 500 functions. Studies may find more and more in the future. So know your limit and be gentle to your liver.

Massage Monday #320 Acupressure Points for Hangover (Liver Function)