Acupressure Points for Low Blood Pressure

This week I’m going to share acupressure points for low blood pressure.

百会 (GV 20) – Draw the lines up from the top of the ears and it’s where the lines meet on the top of the head. This is called GV 20 or Governing Vessel 20. You should feel a distinct sensation when you press this point.

天柱 (BL 10) – Find the depression in the center at the base of the skull. Go to the side to go over the trapezius and it’s on the outer edge. It’s slightly below and inward from the last points. These are called Bladder 10. Press or circle to stimulate these points using fingertips, overlapped fingertips, or with free thumbs by weaving fingers. Press these points for one minute as you breathe deeply.

神門 (H7) – Draw a line from the base of the ring finger and pinky finger towards the wrist and it’s where it stops on the wrist crease. It’s right next to the big tendon on the inside. This is called Heart 7. Press this point with your thumb as you breathe deeply for one minute. Switch hand.

Massage Monday #306 – 9-5-16 Acupressure Points for Low Blood Pressure