Acupressure to Increase Appetite

Per viewers’ requests this week I’m going to show you acupressure points to increase appetite.

The first one is next to your belly button. To be exact, half your thumb width from the belly button on both sides. This is called Kidney 16 (盲兪). Gently press with your middle fingers.

The second one is below the knee. This is called Stomach 36 (足三里). Find the hollow space under the knee cap. It’s four finger widths below and one thumb from the shin bone on the outside. There is a distinct feeling. Press with a hooked thumb, overlapped thumbs, or with the heel of the other leg once you know the location.

The third one is on the foot. This is called Stomach 42 (衝陽). It’s between the bones of the second toe and third toe. Follow the valley between the second toe and third toe and it’s where it stops. It’s about the middle of the top of the foot.

Press these points for up to one minute as you breathe deeply on a regular basis and hopefully you will gain your appetite back.