Aduro LED Face Mask Review Update

I know it’s been a while but per viewers request, this week I’m going to update my experience with this Aduro LED face mask. If you haven’t seen my first video about this LED face mask, it has seven different LEDs (+ Infrared) and 11 different modes. Each color reaches to a different depth in the skin structure.

Aduro LED lights differences

Here’s a quick recap.

  • The red light is Wrinkle Reducer with increased production of collagen and elastin.
  • The blue light is Acne Buster to fight acne-causing bacteria.
  • The green light is Skin Balancer for age spots.
  • The yellow light is Red Away to alleviate inflammation, sunburns and rosacea.
  • The orange light is Radiant Skin for brighter glow and it helps relieve rosacea.
  • The cyan light is Skin Soother to reduce the size of swollen capillaries.
  • The Purple light is Cell Rejuvenator for cell rejuvenation.

And four modes of combinations of these lights and infrared.

  • Skin Booster is a combination of infrared and red. It penetrates deeper into the skin for a boosted and amplified treatment.
  • Pain Blocker is a combination of blue and infrared. Blue and infrared produces NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) to block pain signals.
  • The Daily Dose is a combination of all 7 colors with all benefits but without UV.
  • The Quick Fix is a combination of red, orange and infrared with Wrinkle Reducer, Revitalization and Skin Booster for a quick anti-aging lift.

To begin with, I tried this red light for one week and shared my experience in my last video. And I continue to do five more weeks. And I’m proud to say I did it every single day for five weeks. And the reason I could do it for five weeks every single day was because of the hands-free feature.

I usually did one session in the evening after washing my face and apply a toner. And I wore this usually while watching YouTube, doing laundry, or meditating a.k.a. sleeping for me. I continue to love the auto shut-off feature after 20 minutes and that’s all you need for a day. And I really like the ability to multitask while you’re wearing this.

I noticed my face was much smoother the first week when I wash my face and my face stayed very smooth throughout the experiment of five more weeks. I also noticed when I put a little bit of pressure while washing my face it was sloughing off more than before. So I was thinking maybe it’s because my skin turnover rate was improved? Possibly?

These were not taken at the same place and the lighting is different but here are some before and after pictures.

This device lasted for a week or seven sessions no problem. But one day I noticed the controller had red light so I recharged it with USB. since then I recharged this every three or four sessions to make sure it has full juice.

I used to keep it in the Box it came in but it was too bulky so I got this folder from Daiso and keep it close under the desk. I have traveled with this in a suitcase.

Now I’m moving on to the green light which is a skin balancer to break down the deposit of melanin within the skin and to treat the age spots which I have a ton of. I grew up in Japan playing tennis a lot since I was eight. And I regret for not putting sunscreen more diligently and I know I’m paying the price now. It feels like more and more age spots are appearing so let’s see if this device can keep up with that. I want more melanin for my gray hair not my face. I wish I can move my melanin from my face to my hair root.

I will report my experience again sometime in the future. By the way, if you have any questions about this Aduro face mask, I may be able to ask the doctors who develop this product. So please feel free to comment below.

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