Aduro 7+1 LED Light Therapy Face Mask Review

This week I will share my experience of using this Aduro 7+1 MK 2.3 Facial Mask.

I recently received this Aduro Facial Mask MK 2.3. This week I will share my experience of using this LED face mask for a week.

I was super excited to try this mask because it doesn’t just come with one LED with one function. It comes with 7 different LED colors with 11 modes.

Let’s open it up. The face mask with a controller. It comes with the velcro straps, eye protector which is optional if the light is too much for your eyes, USB plug and cable. While I’m charging with the USB, I attached the velcro straps. It took about an hour to fully charge it. The unit is very light weight, thin, flexible and smooth.

There are 7 lights + infrared and 11 modes.

  • The red light is Wrinkle Reducer. It’s for anti-aging. It combats wrinkles and increases collagen production.
  • The blue light is Acne Buster for Anti-Acne. It fights acne-causing bacteria and reduces acne.
  • The green light is Skin Balancer. It evens skin tones. It helps even skin complexion for naturally beautiful skin.
  • The yellow light is Red Away. It reduces redness. It helps alleviate inflammation, sunburns and rosacea.
  • The orange light is Radiant Skin for revitalization. It promotes a brighter glow for more radiant skin and helps relieve rosacea.
  • Cyan is a skin soother for soothing your skin. It helps in the support in reducing the size of swollen capillaries.
  • The Purple light is Cell Rejuvenator for cell rejuvenation. It promotes healthy cells and regeneration.
  • Skin Booster mode is a combination of infrared and red. It penetrates deeper into the skin for a boosted and amplified treatment.
  • Pain Blocker is combination of blue and infrared. Blue and infrared produces NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) to block pain signals.
  • The Daily Dose is a combination of red, blue, green, orange, cyan, purple, and yellow. It combines all 7 colors with all benefits but without UV.
  • The Quick Fix is a combination of red, orange and infrared. It is a pulsing of modes with Wrinkle Reducer, Revitalization and Skin Booster for a quick anti-aging lift.

Check with medical professionals if you have any concerns about the light therapy for your skin conditions. Make sure to read the precautions before using the device.

I washed my face and just applied toner. You do not want to put on thick creme because you want the light to penetrate your skin. Although I wanted to try different modes of my interest, I was told not to use it more then 20 minutes a day, so I just tried the red light which is a Wrinkle Reducer mode.

What I love about this product is that you can be hands free. If the light is not too much for your eyes, you can work on your computer or watch TV. You can even put the controller in the pocket or attach it to the waist and walk around, or it’s a nice way to take a break by lying down. If the light is too strong for your eye, you can put the eye protector and sit still or lie down.

When applied to the skin, red light penetrates the tissue and is absorbed by the mitochondria which are the powerhouses of the cells, and they play a critical role in cell regeneration.
The photo biomodulation that occurs during red light therapy stimulates collagen production and cell turnover, which leads to younger-looking skin. Besides fine lines and wrinkles, red light therapy can also help to improve skin texture, stretch marks, and decrease pore size.

I have actually fallen asleep. And you can do that because after 20 minutes, it automatically shuts off.

I tried this everyday for a week. The fully-charged battery lasted 7 sessions no problem.

Here are some before and after pictures after only 1 week.

I wasn’t expecting much because your skin turnover rate is about 30 days, or longer when you are older. But after about 3 days, when I wash my face, I noticed my face is getting smoother. In fact, it’s so much more smoother than my neck now. It feels like my neck is getting left behind. So I feel like applying the face mask on my neck.

My plan is to use the red light wrinkle reducer for 6 weeks and try the green light for hyper pigmentation which I have a ton of.

Thank you Aduro for this wonderful product. I cannot wait to try all the modes that I’m interested in.

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