Aduro LED Mask Update – WARNING

As I have shared, I’ve been using this Aduro LED Facial Mask since January.

First, I tried the red light for six weeks and felt my face was smoother. Thanks to the flexibility and a timer which makes it hands-free, I have been able to do it diligently every single day.

Last week, a viewer posted a question. Thank you Silvia: “Hi, I thought the NIR (which stands for Near-infrared) is gonna make melasma hyperpigmentation worse? Should we stick with only the green light then?”

I asked Aduro to answer this question and the answer was: “Hi Silvia, While red light therapy (NIR) has been shown to improve skin conditions such as wrinkles and fine lines, it is not recommended for individuals with melasma or hyperpigmentation. The green light therapy is a better option for those with these skin concerns.”

Which made my jaw drop because I have a bunch of hyperpigmentation and that’s why I’ve been trying the green light for about 10 weeks waiting for the result.

When I received the mask I asked Aduro which settings I should use and they said “Red Light Therapy is often the first choice users try to start out with.” So I did just that not knowing the red light should be avoided for hyperpigmentation because it wasn’t mentioned in the instructions or communications, and I was never asked about it. And call it my ignorance, I didn’t know to ask that particular question.

To confirm, I contacted Aduro asking “So I shouldn’t have done the red light since I have lots of pigmentations? ” To which they replied “Yes, it’s not recommended if you have pigmentations. But it might make it worse only in specific rare cases but for safety purposes, we do not recommend.”

I wish I knew this because if I did, I wouldn’t have tried the red light. I hope the six weeks of consistent use of red light didn’t make my pigmentations worse.

From the correspondence, if you have pigmentations, I do not recommend using the red light like they said.

I was compelled to make this video sooner than later in case you didn’t know either to avoid the unnecessary shock that I experienced. I hope I didn’t mislead you and if I did I’m so sorry.

Massage Monday #642 Aduro LED Facial Mask Update – WARNING