Aduro Lounger in CBD Bath (Massage Monday #435)

I think I’m overworked. I worked 13 days straight and I had another 11 consecutive days of work. I almost booked a client on that off day but I’m glad I didn’t because otherwise I would have worked 25 days straight without knowing. Anyway, I need to be more careful with my own schedule and health. I’m curious what is your definition of overwork in whatever you do for living?

My body was very achy so I decided to take a CBD bath. Few months ago, I reviewed the CBD bath salts that I bought at a skincare convention. I was disappointed because it was messy. Then the manufacturer happened to see the video and realized it was a bad batch and took them off the shelf. They reached out to me and sent me replacements to fulfill their customer satisfaction guarantee.

That’s integrity. Thank you so much. So I gave the Lavender one a try.

It smells so nice when you open the packet. And will it dissove well this time? Yes! No more mess whatsoever.

I didn’t feel like meditating in the bath so I tried this Aduro Lounger Universal Adjustable Neck Mount. I got this for my Korean Spa buddy for Christmas and I got one for myself too. I think I wanted this for myself more to use at a Korean Spa but I was too embarrassed to use this alone so I wanted her to do this with me.

Aduro Neck Phone Holder

This thing is amazing. It holds your phone while you watch a video or whatever hands-free while you are sitting or lying down.

It’s pretty light and doesn’t hurt because it has this soft cushion for the neck. You can adjust the angle in all directions. It’s stiff and I can’t get it to look smooth like in the picture but it’s functional if you don’t mind the bulkiness.

For bath, I make sure the camera window is shut.

Then I put my phone in a snack bag.

And put it in the holder.

I have iPhone 6S and it fits fine but when you stretch out the base, it only stretches to one side so if you have the phone sideways, this connector isn’t in the center anymore and it’s lopsided and not very stable.

It works way better if you keep it vertical. I feel safer this way too because there are grips for the top and bottom of the phone. When it’s sideways there’s more chance of the phone slipping out of the holder into the water.

Because there is no metal piece, I could submerge it in the water no problem and it worked perfect.

I soaked about 30 minutes and I slept really well. And my body is less achy for sure. In fact, I might do it again tonight. So again, thanks to CBD Essentials for sending me the replacements. No more mess and now I can recommend them. You can check out their CBD products from the link below.

Massage Monday #435 – Aduro Lounger in CBD Bath