This week I have a little announcement. I will be taking a break from Massage Monday.

For more than 11 years I have posted Massage Monday videos every single week because Mondays kept coming. Seriously, if I didn’t name it Massage Monday, I would have quit a long time ago. Naming my videos with Monday gave me a built-in structure to keep going every week.

But I am such a procrastinator and I’ve been doing it with pretty much no planning. I have been winging it and doing everything starting from researching, scripting, shooting and editing all by myself. I do things very slowly too. So often I spend 10 hours making a 3-minute video from a concept to completion. Still, I’m so glad to see that what I’ve shared have helped people around the world. But I feel that I just can’t get ahead with the way I’m operating.

I’m also going through a transition in my life right now while dealing with pain that I have developed over the years. So I have decided to stop and reset everything for my body and mind. I’m actually giving myself a permission to do this.

I still plan to come back sometime when I feel ready. Thanks for watching. I will not see you back next week for the first time since I started this channel. This feels so weird. Make it a great day, or great week, great month or until whenever I see you next time. You might want to click on the bell so you’ll be notified whenever I’m back again. Hopefully, refreshed with more useful contents. Until then, please take care.

Massage Monday #604 Announcement