Anti-Aging Facelift Acupuncture

This week I’m going to try an acupuncture for a beautiful face. If you notice I have some needles on my face already. I’m going to show you how she did this for me and also I’m going to interview her for what exactly she did.

As you may know acupuncture uses needles to treat various ailments. In this case improving the look of my face. She first cleans the area with alcohol. She then places a thin needle with a casing and taps on the top to insert the needle. Believe or not there is no pain as she does this. The angle of the needle is an art form. I have no clue how she does it.

According to her acupuncture helps to improve the circulation and rejuvenates the area to achieve the optimal health. In other words you will regain the original pure healthy state that is not affected by stress or toxins. Acupuncture on the face will improve the circulation of your face and rejuvenate by relaxing the facial muscles that may be tight and heavy from toxins. As you know heavy areas tend to sag which you don’t want. Improved circulation and detoxing clarify the color of your skin too. As the facial muscles relax, detox and rejuvenate, they naturally lift up. This is a perfect compliment to Anti-Aging Facelift Massage that you may want to check out.

Acupuncture is not just good for a facelift but it also brings other benefits. Face has meridians and reflex points that show the health of different organs. As you stimulate these points, you are also treating those organs to become healthy. Acupuncture also helps to uplift your mood. By the way I am very fortunate to have an acupuncturist friend. I was so excited to have this done and I completely forgot to take a before picture. My bad. Now I have a bunch of needles stuck on my face. I hope you can see it.

Now I’m going to interview my friend Yukari, the Acupuncturist.

Question by Yasuko: Where did you put the needles today?
Answer by Yukari: In today’s acupuncture I put the needles to improve the circulation, clarify the skin color, and reduce wrinkles in the wrinkle prone areas by plumping up the skin.

Question by Yasuko: How long should we leave the needles in?
Answer by Yukari: If possible 30 to 40 minutes, one hour would be perfect. Ideally if you can combine with the acupuncture on your body you will have multitude of effects.

Question by Yasuko: Does acupuncture work for deep wrinkles?
Answer by Yukari: I’ve had a case with a deep liver wrinkle here and it was eliminated. Wrinkle is made by muscles folding in. When you put the needle in the fold the crease stretches and eliminate wrinkles. (That’s wonderful!)

Question by Yasuko: How often should you do beauty acupuncture?
Answer by Yukari: More often the better. It’s the best if you can do it every day but if you do a minimum of once or twice a week you will have much greater results.

Question by Yasuko: Then you can do as needed?
Answer by Yukari: Whether the results last or not depends on the individual’s health conditions. If the person is tired then or has been tired for even 3 or 4 years the results won’t last long. So it’s the best to plan according to the person’s health to determine the treatment frequency.

(Yukari: This is amazing!)
(Yasuko: This is amazing!)
(Yukari: It looks good!)
(Yasuko: I know!)

So it’s been about 30 minutes since she did this for me and I can tell my energy is up definitely. It’s raised. And I don’t feel as tired as I was before. And I also noticed my cheek is up a little bit which is good. And also according to my friend the color is good and I checked in my mirror too and I think the color is better than before. And I also have a glow on my skin that I noticed. So I’m very happy right now. I want to do this every day!

Now I’m going to show you a “fish bite.” Think of skin cells as water balloons. As the skin cells around the needle get rejuvenated and become plump like water balloons with more water, skin sticks to the needle as you pull the needle out. It’s a very good sign. You don’t get the fish bite if the skin cells are tired and flat.

If you are interested, look for an acupuncturist in your area. Good luck.

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Happy Massaging!

3-2-15 Anti-aging Facelift Acupuncture

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