Anti-Aging Facelift Head Massage (Massage Monday #415)

During the Eminence workshop that I shared last week, the trainer mentioned that the sagging of the scalp can cause the lines on your forehead. This is what he demonstrated to give a nice scalp massage to a client. You can easily do this to your partner too.

Then I remembered this little book of Self Beauty Method that I shared a couple months ago said the same thing. According to the author Aya Deguchi, the head and face is connected with the same thin skin and is it very important to take care of your scalp by massaging your head, not just focusing on your face if you want to really look good. She also mentions that one millimeter of sagging of your scalp can cause one centimeter of sagging on your face. That’s ten times more sagging of your scalp that will show on your face.

Here is the quick self head massage from this book. She divides it into four sections.

For the front, glide your fingers from the hairline towards the top of the head five times. This will help reduce or prevent the lines on your forehead and droopy eyelids.

For the sides, glide your fingers from the temples above the ears towards the top of the head five times. This will help keep the sides of the face from sagging and creating lines by your mouth.

For the top, weave your fingers and squeeze the top of the head with the base of the thumbs five times. This helps the entire face from sagging.

For the back, circle the occipitals or the base of the skull from the bottom towards the ears three times. I use hoked thumb for this. This will help the circulation to the head and face and alleviate the neck and shoulder pain as well.

You may think “Doesn’t the scalp massage stretch the skin that sags on your face to create the lines?” But my understanding is that it’s actually the tight hard muscles that lose elasticity that weigh on your face to create the lines in unwanted spots. Head massage loosens these tight spots so they won’t weigh down on your face. And it will also improve circulation and lymph drainage.

Do this every day whenever you can for the best results. You can easily incorporate this during a shampoo. As with anything, it’s the continuation of the little things that will give you the result you want.

Massage Monday #415 – Anti-Aging Facelift Head Massage