Artery compression in Thai massage

Artery compression in Thai massage

This week I’m going to show the artery compression technique which is used in Thai massage but contraindicated in Swedish massage.

The receiver lays face up. Find the artery under the hip bone by feeling the deep pulses. Lean in with your palms and hold it for five pulses, and let go. The receiver will feel the heat or tingling which is the fresh blood gushing through the legs. This helps to strengthen and detox by flushing the old stagnant blood out and bring in the new oxygenated blood.

Thai massage was developed over 2,500 years ago by Buddhist monks to alleviate the pain and revitalize the body from long hours of meditation. In Swedish massage which is very new compared to Thai massage, it has the crotch area called femoral triangle as one of the endangerment sites with femoral artery and lymph nodes, and you’re not supposed to massage this area deeply. So this is the example of two different approaches.

Back when the Thai massage was developed centuries ago there were no cars, no airplanes, and no fast foods. I imagine the monks are very healthy mentally and physically to begin with. In my opinion this particular technique is for healthy people only and only the trained practitioners should do this. If you have any cardio-vascular conditions such as high blood pressure, varicose veins, thrombosis or blood clots, avoid having this done.

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