ASMR Head Massage Video

ASMR Head Massage Video

I usually don’t sound like this but just as I said I’ve been very healthy in my last Massage Monday I caught the bug and lost my voice. So this week I’m having to do ASMR style. For those who don’t know what ASMR is, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s a distinct tingling sensation that some people feel in the head, back, neck and scalp when they hear this whispering noise. I’m going to show some head massage techniques using ASMR so enjoy.

Glide your fingers through the hair. Moving all over the head. Use straight lines, open and close your fingers, make circles, and massage around the ears. If the receiver wants more pressure, simply curl your fingers and use the fingertips for more pressure.
Gently grab your partner’s hair down close to the roots. Make sure the hair is long enough. Squeeze to just give a tug as you count 1, 2. Do not pull the hair from the scalp especially if your partner is concerned about the hair loss. Repeat all over the head.

Happy Massaging!

1-5-14 ASMR Head Massage

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