Azuki (Adzuki) Japanese Beauty Secrets (Massage Monday #523)

I got some organic azuki red beans here. It’s also spelled adzuki. This week I’m going to introduce you to the power of these azuki red beans which have been used for beauty and health for centuries in Japan.

There is a document recording that the high class ladies in Nara period in the 700s were using the roasted azuki powder grounded in a stone mill.

Since it’s 2020 I am going to use an electric grinder to mill a table spoon full azuki red beans. I’m going to sift it to separate the fine powder. The bigger rough pieces I’m going to use for my heels.

You can simply mix this water and gently scrub, mix it in your face cleanser, or mix it with your favorite oil and use it is as a mask.

The saponins in the outer skin of Azuki beans lubricates the skin as it removes the dead skin cells and brightens up the skin tone. So your skin will be hydrated and smooth.

My hand feels very smooth just by scrubbing with the Azuki powder and water.

The boiled Azuki water, when it’s cooled you can wash your face with this too. You might as well mix it with the adzuki powder.

Azuki red bean paste is used for all kinds of sweets and when I have the azuki powder on my face it smells like those sweets. I have also mixed it with honey and use it on my lips and it was hard to resist the temptation to lick it off my lips.

If you can resist the temptation, it’s a great scrub for your lips.

Azuki red beans are packed with nutrients and health benefits too when consumed. It has lots of fibers and resistant starch that aid the smooth elimination and it helps you feel full to control the appetite which lead to a weight loss. It also has diuretic effect to reduce puffiness.

The protein in azuki beans will help increase the muscle mass. If you have more muscle mass you can burn more calories naturally which will further help you with the weight loss.

Azuki is loaded with antioxydants such as polyphenols which is very important for anti-aging in a way that it slows down the aging process.

It also has oligosaccharides which help to grow good bacteria in your intestine. As you may know, the gut health is so important for your overall health.

Azuki beans help manage the blood sugar level so it’s a good news for people with diabetes.

The studies suggest that saponins that I mentioned earlier boost immune system, lower cholesterol, decrease blood lipids, lower cancer risks, reduce menopause symptoms, and promote detox. You can actually drink the boiled azuki water to get these health benefits.

I just had an annual physical. I don’t have any major health issues (knock on wood) so this is the only time I go to a doctor every year. But my cholesterol has been creeping up the last few years.

High cholesterol runs in my maternal family but I want to beat it so I will be intentionally consuming foods that help to lower cholesterol like this. This is called osekihan or red rice. It’s made with azuki beans and mochi sticky rice. This is a typical dish for celebration in Japan.

If you’ve never tried Azuki red beans, I highly recommend you try it. Lots of Asian sweets come with Azuki red beans although too much sugar isn’t good.

The nex time you go to a Japanese restaurant, ask them if they have Azuki red bean ice cream. It’s really tasty.

If you already have your favorite Azuki red bean dish or sweets, let me know in the comment below.

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Massage Monday #523 Azuki (Adzuki) Japanese Beauty Secrets