Back Massage with Ab Roller (Massage Monday #433)

A rolling pin is a good massage device but it’s hard to give a back massage because when you roll it flat, it can hit the spine. And if you roll it in the angle, it can hit the ribs. I’ve always wondered if the exercise device the ab roller also known as the ab wheels can be a good massage device.

But I looked at the prices on Amazon and it was like $15-$20 and I had no interest in investing that much. Then I found one at Daiso, my favorite Japanese store where almost everything is $1.50. This one’s only $4. So I finally got to experiment it.

Daiso Ab Roller

This ab roller comes with a handle bar with two grips and two discs

Daiso Ab Roller Inside

which is perfect because I wanted to massage the muscles on both sides of the spine called erector spinae.

Erector Spinae

But if I put a space in between, it’s wobbly and the discs didn’t stay on the muscles and it started touching the spine which is very bad. When you give a back massage, you do not put pressure on the spine. Do not touch the spine.

I needed a spacer and I had an empty toilet paper roll so I put it in between the discs and it worked as far as staying on the back muscles.

Toilet Paper Roll Spacer

But how does it feel?

I mean massaging I guess. It feels good.

I had actually bought two of these because I didn’t know if it came with one disc or two discs. So I attached two discs on each side to increase the surface area.

Double Discs

Now how does that feel?

Ready? Yeah it feels more, feels more sturdy. Yeah and it’s more even. Yeah. Is this the same? It’s better than all the other ones you did. But again to me it’s like ok something’s rolling on me. Will I pay for that as a massage? Probably not. But it feels good. I’ll be pissed if I pay for a massage and someone does this. Yeah but it definitely feels more sturdy and solid. You feel more surface touched? Yeah. I feel like more of my back is being massaged. Ok. I can’t do much. It’s only like one direction.

So I think it has a potential as a massage device although it cannot do much else. In the meantime, I might as well use it to work on my abs. I will do it for one month and maybe show the results. I’m declaring it here on my channel because last time it helped me to keep my words when I promised I will try Ninon’s Beauty routine for one month.

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Happy Valentine’s Day ♡♡

Massage Monday #433 – Back Massage with Ab Roller