Bear walk with human chair

The most popular move in the Couples Massage Class is the Bear Walk. But for some people sitting on the knees isn’t easy especially if they have knee injury or surgery. This week I’ll show you how you can turn your partner into a human chair so you can sit on your partner as you give the back massage.

When you do the Bear Walk and if you have knee issues, instead of sitting on your knees, you can straddle your partner standing. If you’ve never seen the Bear Walk video you can see it here:

Another way is to bend the receiver’s legs and sit on the feet. Put the feet at the base of your thighs by the sit bones. Adjust the angle and width according to your size and flexibility.

Start with lighter pressure because bending the legs gives more curvature to the receiver’s lower back and it becomes more sensitive. When you get tired, you can just sit on the human chair and rest.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 4-8-13: Bear Walk with human chair

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