Benefits of Couples Massage as Multiple Love Languages (Massage Monday #496)

I know many couples are stuck at home during the lockdown and some are very stressed out. This week, I’ll talk about the benefits of Couples Massage using one of my favorite books: The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. If you haven’t read this, this is a must read if you are in a romantic relationship especially if you feel your love is not well received by your partner.

Love language is how you express your love and how you feel loved when it’s expressed to you.

After counseling so many couples, he discovered that people’s love languages can be categorized into 5 different expressions: Words of affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

When I heard Physical Touch, I was so happy because I love teaching Couples Massage. I am definitely one of them because I cherish giving and receiving physical touch. So it’s very good that I’m a massage therapist and now I get to share how to do it better to others in need.

Then I realized couples massage isn’t just a love language of Physical Touch but it can apply to other love languages as well.

Couples Massage can be Acts of Service because you are doing something for your partner. You can do the dishes or taking out the trash or vacuuming the floor. In this case the service is massage. And your partner feels good and feel loved and relaxed. How awesome is that?

Couples Massage can be a love language of Quality Time. It’s the time you spend massaging each other without distraction. After spending the quality with a focus and purpose, you will be so relaxed mentally and physically and feel loved.

Couples Massage can be a love language of Words of Affirmation. When I teach, I emphasize on the importance of clear communication and I encourage couples to praise when something feels good. The positive reinforcement works because when my client says “Oh that feels good” or “It feels amazing”, it makes me want to do more. If you are giving massage, you can say something appreciative or comforting to your partner as you come across a knot because knots are there for a reason or reasons and it may come from stress and anxiety. That way you will feel loved while giving or receiving massage.

Lastly, Couples Massage can be a love language of Receiving Gifts. Well, it’s not like flowers or jewelry but to make it a tangible gift, you can create a massage gift certificate or massage coupons for your partner to redeem right then on the spot or later. I know I’m stretching a little bit here.

So as you can see Couples Massage can be the expression of multiple love languages besides the obvious physical touch and the main benefit is that you feel loved besides you feel connected, bonded, relaxed and comforted by your partner.

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Massage Monday #496 Benefits of Couples Massage as Multiple Love Languages