Benefits of Quick Massage

Massage doesn’t have to be full 60 minutes on the massage table. Here’s an example of the benefits of quick massage. Imagine what five minutes of quality massage can do for you and your partner.

Seated Massage

A Time to Sit Up Straight and Relax – By Mary Kathleen Rose

Wow!” Linda said as she stood up from the chair and slowly walked across the dining room floor. “My headache is gone. Thank you!”

Had I given a complicated headache treatment or finished a full-body massage session for Linda? No. I had just given her a five-minute, impromptu seated massage while she sat on a kitchen chair. She is the caregiver for one of my elder, homebound massage clients and had been complaining of a headache, so I offered to give her a quick seated massage session.

Over the years of my massage practice, I have often been impressed with the effects of a few minutes of well-placed touch with the client in a seated position. When I was in massage school in 1984, we learned a seated massage routine in shiatsu class that was often used as a quick warm-up. The recipient sat on a cushion on the floor, and the practitioner stood, knelt, and/or sat behind the person to massage their shoulders, neck, and back with a combination of presses, squeezing movements, and percussion. Even then, I was pleasantly surprised with the change that could happen in a short amount of time, as the recipient relaxed and let go of tension.
A short, seated massage session can be likened to a full, deep breath, in which the receiver of touch is allowed to exhale spent energy from the body, and is rejuvenated by the expansiveness of fresh inspiration. Practiced without lotion or oil on a client who is fully clothed, seated massage provides a break in the day’s routine that can help reset the perception of one’s life with all its myriad physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

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