Better Way To Pinch Your Partner’s Neck

I was talking to my friend about couples massage and she was complaining that whenever her husband massaged her he just pinches with fingertips. So this week I’m going to show you a better way to pinch your partner’s neck.

Whenever you use your fingertips to pinch you are just pinching the skin. It probably hurts and won’t do anything to the neck muscles which need attention. The better way to pinch is to grab the neck muscles with your thumb and the side of your index finger.

This will be hard if you have a small hand and your partner neck is too big for your hand. But this is a useful technique if your hand is too big for your partner’s small neck and it’s hard to knead with the entire hand.

Go up and down the neck as you firmly grab the neck muscles. Make sure to stay behind the ears to avoid choking your partner and communicate about the pressure.

You can also gradually increase the pressure on one spot and even give it a little shake to loosen the neck muscles. When my co-worker first did this to me it felt amazing so I hope you get to experience this too.

6-20-16 Better Way To Pinch Neck