Black Vinegar Detox Foot Bath and Weight Loss (Massage Monday #452)

The jetlag is hitting me pretty hard this time. So I was looking for some remedies for tiredness in this book titled 450 Grandma’s Wisdom and I came across a foot bath with black vinegar which is supposedly good for detoxing and taking care of tiredness.

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To make the foot bath, put hot water in a tub. Then put one to two cups of black vinegar in a thick plastic bag that your feet can fit. I put one cup of black vinegar and diluted with 2 parts of hot water. If the acidity is too strong, you can dilute it with up to 5 parts of hot water. I put the plastic bag in the water first just in case there is a leakage.

Have the towel or paper towel to wipe your feet later handy. Sit in a chair and put your feet in the plastic bag and put the whole plastic bag in the tub. And relax doing whatever you want for 10-40 minutes.

Compared to ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) which is made from apple or balsamic vinegar which is made from grapes, black vinegar is made from rice or barley and it has a lot more amino acids, polyphenols, organic acids, and minerals. Supposedly the large amount of amino acids and minerals in black vinegar is good for detoxing, muscle pain and improving circulation for a long time just like dipping in hot springs. It’s especially beneficial if you have cold feet.

The black vinegar is also known to assist weight loss just like ACV. Whenever I drink ACV mixed with honey, I do feel it’s much easier to control my weight. But since black vinegar tastes milder and easier to drink, black vinegar-based diet has been pretty popular in Japan.

The recommended amount is 1-2 table spoons a day by diluting it 5-10 times because it’s very acidic for your stomach and drink it in 2-3 separate times like in the morning and at night or morning, noon and night. Add honey if you like. I will be drinking this too so I can tackle the weight gain from all the good foods that I had in Japan.

I already have some honey. I’m going to do one tablespoon. And I’m going to do ten parts of water. Cheers to the weight loss. It’s very easy to drink.

I was breaking sweat in about 10 minutes and I did it for 15 minutes. And omg my feet are totally stained! But I scrubbed my feet during shower and the color went away. Phew.

It’s been about an hour since I took the foot bath and I’m sweating even more now. And it could be a placebo effect but I’m very relaxed just like after dipping in hot springs.

You can get the Black Vinegar (made from rice or barley) at an Asian supermarket or on Amazon.

Massage Monday #452 Black Vinegar Detox Foot Bath and Weight Loss