Body fat nicknames – which Lypossage zone is this?

Body fat nicknames – which Lypossage zone is this?

Last week I introduced Lypossage. To recap, there were three zones:
– Zone 1 targets hips, thighs and abdomen.
– Zone 2 targets back, chest and arms.
– Zone 3 targets head, face, and neck.

As I learned this modality I also learned some new nicknames for body fat. English is my second language and I never knew some of them. This week I’m going to share those terms and which Lypossage zone they belong.

1. Double Chin – extra chin under the chin -> Zone 3
2. Muffin Tops – a.k.a. Love Handles – extra fat above the waist line -> Zone 1
3. Bat Wings – a.k.a. Grandma Arms or Granny Arms – flabby upper arms -> Zone 2
4. Saddlebags – extra fat deposit on the outer thighs that sit like saddlebags on a horse -> Zone 1
5. Banana Roll – a.k.a. extra butt check – roll of fat under the buttocks that looks like banana -> Zone 1
6. Chub Rub – fat on inner thighs that rub together -> Zone 1

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 10-14-13: Body fat nicknames. Which Lypossage zone is this?

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