Butt Massage on Couch (Massage Monday #494)

I’ve read billions of people are staying at home around the world including me. For those who are sitting on your heiny binge watching or binge gaming or binge reading or binge whatever, this week I’ll show you how to massage your own buttocks without getting up from your couch.

First around the sit bone. For this, I’m going to use a tennis ball. Place it under the sit bone and roll your body back and forth maybe 10 times. When you are sitting on a couch with your knees bent, your hamstrings are contracted. Sit bone is an attachment site for all the hamstrings and it helps to massage the attachment site to loosen the entire muscles. So this will help release the hamstring muscles too.

There is also an acupressure point on the sit bone called Urinary Bladder 36 or UB 36. This point is good for low back pain, sciatic pain, and weak or numb lower limb. Of course, don’t do this if you have a pain doing this. I don’t want you to aggravate it.

Next, lie down on the couch on your side. Swing the top leg forward so it’s easier to access your buttocks. Roll a tennis ball all over your buttocks. This way you can use the gravity as your friend for a pressure. Use a lacrosse ball for a harder pressure. You can also use a loose fist to glide all over the buttocks.

If you have a rolling pin, you can roll your buttocks too like this. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the area between the hip bone and thigh bone. You may have a tight spot there like me. How about this position? Sure, why not.

Lastly, tap with a loose fist all over the buttocks to stimulate it and wake it up. Repeat on the other side.

How was it? You should feel an improved circulation on your legs. Now you can be little bit more productive while you are binging.

Massage Monday #494 Butt Massage on Couch http://bit.ly/mm-494