Calcium Lactate + Milk for Muscle Pain

Do you have times when you work out too much and suffer from muscle pain the next day?

If you don’t want to suffer through the muscle pain, here is the solution: take Calcium Lactate with milk. I learned this from a former tennis pro. (Thank you Ken!) I don’t know the science behind it but it has worked for me for years. For me it’s when I play too much tennis or go hard on snowboarding when I’m out of shape. Muscle pain is caused by lactic acid build up in the overexerted muscles or muscle tears. The Calcium Lactate and milk combination seems to release the lactic acid build up quickly and out of the system. This remedy does not help if you have pain from muscle tears.

Take 20-30 Calcium Lactate capsules with milk. FYI I am 5’2” and 110 lbs and I take 20 capsules. Adjust the amount depending on your size. You may have diarrhea but it’s part of detox process and I take it as a good sign. IMPORTANT: Take the Calcium Lactate with MILK, not water. My friend tried with water and she got sick.

Calcium Lactate is available at natural stores such as Mother’s and Whole Foods or online. Drug stores don’t always carry it. It’s about $13 for 100 capsules. If you are a weekend warrior type of athlete it’s a good investment and peace of mind to have in the cupboard. Avoiding the unnecessary muscle pain so you can function the next day is priceless.