Please call me Massage Therapist

I don’t like to be called Masseuse. When I hear people say I’m a Masseuse, I correct them by saying Massage Therapist. Masseuse implies a prostitute that works at a massage parlor. Most of the people probably don’t know this.  If you didn’t know, now you know. I am a legitimate Licensed Massage Therapist. That’s why I correct them to say Massage Therapist.

I am especially sensitive to prostitution issue because of my ex-boyfriend’s involvement with prostitutes although it was the best thing that happened to me. One day I came home for lunch and caught him in action with a prostitute. My world turned upside down. Besides all the explanation of how this is not cheating because it’s just physical, there is no emotional involvement, yada yada yada… if he hadn’t said “she studied massage in Brazil for two years and is actually a good masseuse,” I wouldn’t have started looking for a massage class. My competitiveness kicked in.

I signed up for an introductory yet 100-hour Swedish Massage Class. In a massage class, we would pair up and practice massage on each other. It was when my massage partner said “Ahhh it feels gooood” and started snoring during my massage that I felt the calling. I got the healing that I had been looking for when I gave healing to others. I was hooked on it, hungry for more, and completed the 1,000 hour program very quickly.

I absolutely love what I do. I recently realized that have massaged more than 1,000 people at the spas and other venues in the past couple years. Now I teach couples how to massage each other not just for massage techniques but more importantly to promote deeper connection – the very thing I was craving for but missing with my ex-boyfriend. In this touch-deprived society in which materials abound it is my dream to see more people feel connected and happy through simple means such as touch. I am in heaven if  what I share can make even a tiny difference in nurturing and improving the relationship.

I get that the Universe only gives you challenges that you can handle in order for you to grow in this lifetime. Though it took some time, I am proud of how well I turned such devastating experience into something positive. I can honestly say that I am grateful that it happened because it led me to discover my passion. Still, I wish I’ll never have to go through it again with someone that I love, adore, and trust from the bottom of my heart.

So please call me Massage Therapist.